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Vinco (inspired by Arduino) is a cost effective Vinculum-II (VNC2) development platform, designed to support rapid prototyping and development of USB 2.0 based processing applications with open-source hardware and software. Vinco supports the software drivers and libraries developed for the Vinculum II controller.
Vinco Platform Features:
Onboard VNC2-64 USB dual channel Host / unit controller with a powerful 16-bit / 48MHz MCU core, 256KB Flash and 16KB SRAM which also supports UART, FIFO, SPI (master and slave), PWM and GPIO interfaces.
The Vinco I/O expansion bus is a superset of the popular Arduino Duemilanove / Uno platform with 2 extra rows of headers providing 10 additional interface pins thus making it easier to develop IO Boards (Shields) whilst avoiding hardware resource conflicts between different IO add-on cards.
USB standard and mini connectors.
8-channel / 10-bit ADC and PWM interfaces.
38 general purpose I/Os (30 digital, 8 analogue).
The Vinco supports connectivity to a wide range of application boards developed by the Arduino open-source community. These include Ethernet, motor control, LCD and many others.
The Vinco uses a subset of standard ANSII C (instead of the wiring/processing based software platform) with FTDI supported, free-of-charge software development tools, libraries and reference designs.
Debugger interface to the VNC2 DEBUG MODULE for rapid firmware debugging.
Same PCB form factor as Arduino.
Compatible with the Vinco_Proto shield development board (VNCLO-SHLD-1A - available below)
9V/1A DC input or USB powered (dependant on USB Host interface current requirements)