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VDrive3 is the Vinculum-II Development Module with an enclosure. For enclosure with lid to protect the USB port within harsh environments. Please refer to VDRIVE3-LD

The default firmware pre-loaded in the VDrive3 module supports UART or SPI interfacing with a system host controller.

This product provides an attractive solution for quick and easy integration of applications such as enabling access to USB memory stick / thumb drive devices.

The VDrive3 is a drop in replacement for the VDrive2 for the majority of VDrive2 applications.

However, for a small number of applications that use SPI some changes to the application software may be required, this is due to a discrepancy in the SPI interface used in the Vinculum-I and Vinculum-II.

For further details on these differences, please see AN_176 - Vinculum Comparison of VDAP and V2DAP