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The UMFT221XE is a development module for FTDI‟s FT221XQ, one of the devices from FTDI‟s range of USB to serial data interface integrated circuit devices.  FT221X is a USB to SPI/FT1248 interface with a battery charger detection feature, which can allow batteries to be charged with a higher current from a dedicated charger port (without the FT221X being enumerated).

In addition, asynchronous and synchronous bit bang interface modes are available. The internally generated clock (6MHz, 12MHz and 24MHz) can be brought out on the CBUS pin to be used to drive a microprocessor or external logic. 

The UMFT221XE is a module which is designed to plug into a standard 0.6” wide 20 pin DIP socket. All components used, including the FT221XQ are Pb-free (RoHS compliant).