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The TTL-232RG-VIP-WE is a USB to Serial (TTL level) converter cable which allows for a simple way to connect TTL interface units to USB. This version of FTDI's USB to TTL serial adapter cables allows the user to supply the VCCIO to set the IO logic levels between 1.8V and 5V

The TTL-232RG-VIP-WE uses a FT232RQ IC which is housed inside the USB 'A' connector, and is terminated at the end of a 1.8 meter cable with RXD, TXD, RTS, CTS and GND signals provided

The cables are designed to provide USB based interfacing to UART interface units such as MCUs, CPUs and FPGAs which run at a range of voltage levels.

The TTL-232RG-VIP-WE is fully RoHS compliant and is supplied loose - packed in an anti-static bag. It is FCC and CE approved.