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The FT601 SuperSpeed USB3.0 ICs enables faster and higher volume data transfers than ever before offering USB access to a wider range of data intensive imaging and data acquisition applications.

The series incorporates two vendor class USB devices supported by our D3XX driver. The FT601 function as SuperSpeed USB3.0 to FIFO bridges, providing up to 5Gbps of bandwidth. The FT601 is provided in a 76-pin package and has a 32-bit wide FIFO bus interface.

The chip support up to 8 endpoints, with 2 additional communication endpoints, allowing for up to 4 data IN and 4 data OUT channels to be created with double buffering of up to 4kByte length for IN and 4kByte for OUT.

The series is simple to connect and control, with no additional firmware development required - just "fit and forget".