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The FT-X-GPS USB GPS Module allows precision positioning data to be derived - so that a computing platform (such as a laptop, tablet, or embedded PC) to which it has been connected, via its USB port, can benefit from this precise data to enable location-based services and applications that continue to emerge as mobility increases.

Running off a 5V supply from a USB A port, this power efficient module is based on the company’s FT230XQ USB-to-UART bridge IC (part of the popular X-Chip series). Supporting USB2.0 Full Speed operation, it can handle data rates of 3Mbits/s.

The built-in location sensing mechanism outputs data in a NMEA0183 v.3.01 format, in order to allow pinpoint accuracy.

This can then be incorporated into a variety of software applications found on the connected computing platform.

This small form factor USB-based GPS module offers a convenient method by which to acquire and utilize location data.

Furthermore its rugged construction and strong system performance mean that it is highly optimized for demanding operating environments.